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This Gripping Netflix Documentary Of Two Egyptian Adventurers’ Ocean Survival Is Winning Hearts For Refugees

Simrin Gupta

22 Dec 2022

The sea is like a cruel mistress. You can love her, you can hate her, but you can never trust her.

Getting out of your comfort zone is never easy, be it physically or mentally. But when it’s for the greater good, the will to complete the task at hand comes naturally.

Speaking of which, this daring tale of two Egyptian athletes embarking on a mission to row across the Atlantic Ocean in a bid to raise awareness about the ongoing refugee crisis in the world – will have you on the edge of your seat in suspense.

Starring Omar Nour and Omar Samra, “Beyond the Raging Sea” is an Action-adventure documentary which is now available on Netflix across the Middle East.

The riveting story shows how the two men navigated rough waters that capsized their boat and left them floating in shark-infested waters

Nine days into their journey, their boat capsized in a severe storm. Floating in shark-infested waters, clinging to a life raft that didn’t open, Omar and Omar came face-to-face with death.

Beyond the Raging Sea, a film by globally-renowned director Marco Orsini in partnership with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, is the story of O2’s perilous Atlantic crossing attempt and fight for survival. A fight experienced by some of the 66 million displaced individuals around the world who set off on similar crossings in a desperate bid for safe refuge.

“A gripping hour of adventure on the high seas…hits the audience with an emotional payoff they weren’t expecting…” – The Hollywood Reporter

Watching these two men heroically rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in a 7-meter boat in a fight for survival is truly an emotional journey that Maddie Drakeley has deemed as “inspiring, gripping and truly world-class. I only made it halfway through my popcorn – that’s saying something!”

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